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Dog Trick Performances

Anchor Videos

Here are dog trick performances that show what the Pros do, as well as Intermediate Level, and Beginner dogs and trainers. The book guides you how to put together and rehearse sequences from the tricks and stunts that your dog learns. 

Suhey Perondi & Koda perform the "Blind Hoop" Trick Sequence in under 30 seconds! Listen to how Suhey cues and praises Koda at every trick. 

Chris and Vinny have performed this 20-second sequence as part of the Stunt Dog Show national TV performances NBA and NFL halftime shows. 

Larry Kay will perform with his rescue dog, Spider, on October 30, 2019 at the Association For Professional Dog Trainers conference in Portland, Oregon. 

Larry Kay and his rescue dog, Spider, are performing at the California Science Center through January 2020 for its "DOGS!" Exhibition 

Larry shows off one of Spider's favorite tricks, the Big Ball Roll. On his own, Spider added hopping into the toy shopping cart at the end of the trick. 

Watch these pet dogs and our human partners at Workman Publishing perform tricks from the book's Beginner and Intermediate training programs. 

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