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Welcome and congratulations on taking this adventure with your dog into the world of dog tricks!


Check out the dog trick video clips that will show you the results of Beginner, Intermediate, and Pro trick training. To guide and inspire your progress, download the free trick training logs.

Follow our news and events across the USA for our book signings and more live performances. If you're a member of the press, we welcome you, too, with a press kit and contact to our publicist, Emily Weldon. 

If you're ready to buy our new book, great! We'll also introduce you to our training approach and about us

We're excited to share our world and work with you. We would also love to share your trick videos with our fans, do don't be shy :-)  Contact us to show off what you and your loved dog are learning!

Best barks,

Larry Kay and Chris Perondi

Watch Chris and Vinny perform 8 tricks in just 20 seconds. All these tricks are shown in step-by-step detail in our book.

Media Contact
Emily Weldon, Publicist, Workman Publishing
(212) 614-7503

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